Find Your Advantage - Workshop Series

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You’ve got a brilliant new learning idea, but are you the only one? Who else out there is doing what you’re doing? Who is your customer, how do you find them, and how do you let them know your product is essential to their success?

A great idea is a start, but if you’re going to turn your idea into a business tool, you need a solid marketing plan. We can help. Over the course of three 1-hr sessions we will work to give you a clear vision of who you’re trying to reach, who else is trying to reach those potential customers right now, and how you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace. We’ll start with getting to know your vision, plans and goals, then dive into your customer, their goals and challenges. We’ll then take this work away and conduct secondary research to identify market trends and competitors. This will provide a comparative baseline. This work culminates in a Value Proposition workshop which will give you concrete language, and even some potential taglines that will let you articulate what makes your idea special as you take it to market.

We will work together to identify your...

  • Vision, Planning & Goals
  • Audience & Empathy Mapping  
  • Market Trends & Competitors
  • Value Proposition & Taglines 


  • 3 x 60 minute sessions

What you get:

  • Uncover what makes your business/product unique
  • Industry expert opinions recommending 3 directions to grow your business
  • Stakeholder Ready Report (share with team members, partners and funders)

Best for:  course creators, small teams, knowledge product designers