Gender and Pronouns Animation White Label

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Intellectual Property and Ownership Rights
a.    The Client shall use the white label version of the Gender & Pronouns Animation created by Onlea ( collectively, “The Animation”) only for the purposes of providing training to their staff members, and for no other purpose. The Client may not share, distribute, or otherwise provide access to The Animation to any third party without Onlea’s prior written approval. Onlea reserves all rights to The Animation not specifically granted to The Client. In the event that Onlea provides The Client with access to The Animation via a third party service or website, the parties agree that this Agreement shall control over the terms of use of any such third party service or website in the event of any conflict of terms.
b.    All right, title, and interest, including copyright interests and any other intellectual property, tied to The Animation pursuant to this Agreement (collectively, the “Work Product”) shall be owned exclusively by Onlea. The Work Product is defined to include the intellectual property rights incorporated into any deliverables associated with the Animation.
c.    The Client agrees that it will not use or incorporate any third party materials, work product, or other content in The Animation except as explicitly approved by Onlea (collectively, “Approved Third Party Content”). In the event that The Client uses or incorporates any Approved Third Party Content, The Client represents and warrants that it will be solely responsible for abiding by any third party terms and conditions governing such use.