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How to Use Color like a Designer - Graphic Design Fundamentals - Video Lesson 2

How to Use Color like a Designer - Graphic Design Fundamentals - Video Lesson 2

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Graphic Designers are able to harness the power of color to tell people all sorts of things without words. The right color can convey urgency, confidence, peace or trust. As you might expect, there are rules that govern this, as well as right ways and wrong ways to use colors together. It can all be very intimidating for someone who is not trained in graphic design.

This  video bundle and accompanying notes will introduce the learner to the fundamental concepts of color theory, the color wheel, and show them how to employ color effectively to convey emotion or tell a story. The two videos have a total runtime of 27 minutes and will provide a great foundational understanding of color theory for beginners or non-designers who are looking to build a skill set to create better work. They’ll see practical examples and applications for using color theory, and the color wheel in the real world. The video also touches on the differences between applying color physically, in print or in physical art, versus using it digitally, or in lighting. This bundle is perfect for anyone who works with graphic designers, but isn’t one, or people who don’t have a background or training in graphic design but sometimes wear that hat in their personal or professional life.

What you get

  • Bundle of 2 instructional videos (Total runtime 26:54) that you can stream or download
  • Accompanying course notes with helpful illustrations, references, and reinforcement of the concepts taught in the videos that you can download or even print off as a handy reference.


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