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How to Use Imagery and Layout Like a Designer - Graphic Design Fundamentals - Video Lesson 4

How to Use Imagery and Layout Like a Designer - Graphic Design Fundamentals - Video Lesson 4

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If you’ve ever tried to design a poster of a card using one of the many design sites on the internet, you know how difficult it can actually be, and how quickly you can mess up what started as a very nice template. If you don’t have any Graphic Design training, the thought of creating a layout of your own, especially one that uses a combination of images, graphics and text, can be very intimidating. 

This video bundle and accompanying notes will introduce the learner to the fundamental concepts and rules that Graphic Designers use to create eye catching, easy to read layouts that are beautiful and impactful. They’ll learn a little history of how layout and the use of imagery has evolved in graphic design over the years. The four videos have a total runtime of 30:58 minutes and will provide a great foundational understanding of different types of commonly used layout grids  for beginners or non-designers who are looking to build a skill set to create better work. They’ll learn some history of layout and the use of imagery in graphic design, as well as  see practical examples and applications for how to use various types of imagery and layouts in the real world.. The videos also will provide an understanding of what makes a particular image, or layout, impactful, effective and easy for the audience to understand. This bundle is perfect for anyone who works with graphic designers, but isn’t one, or people who don’t have a background or training in graphic design but sometimes wear that hat in their personal or professional life.

What you get

  • Bundle of 4 instructional videos (Total runtime 30:58) that you can stream or download
  • Accompanying course notes with helpful illustrations, references, and reinforcement of the concepts taught in the videos that you can download or even print off as a handy reference.


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