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Ensuring Original Content as a Subject Matter Expert

Ensuring Original Content as a Subject Matter Expert

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One of the most frequent things we’re asked to advise our clients on is how they can use third party created content in the course or offering without violating copyright. 

If you’re a creator that works for a large institution like a university, that institution probably has an entire department and framework for you to refer to and fall back on when creating content. 

However, if you’re an independent contractor or work for a small organization you likely don’t have that infrastructure at your disposal. We’ve created a roadmap document that our clients use to guide their creation process and you can too.

What you get.

  • A downloadable PDF created by our Learning Designers that is used by our team, and our clients to ensure our work meets the standards for copyright protection, and prevents infringement
  • A handy graphic decision tree that you can print and use as a quick roadmap for copyright safety while creating work.



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  • Share the contents within your team or with colleagues.
  • Adapt the content to suit your specific needs.

Licence does not grant copyright ownership. Please do not alter, monetize, or share the contents publicly.

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