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Graphic Design Fundamentals Lite - Course Notes Bundle

Graphic Design Fundamentals Lite - Course Notes Bundle

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How do you know if an AI-generated graphic or concept is good or bad? Learn the principles behind amazing design with Graphic Design Fundamentals.

Multimedia design is an integral part of creating engaging learning experiences that help students learn better and retain more. With over 10 years experience in producing high quality digital design, let Onlea be your guide to improving your visual communication. The Graphic Design Fundamentals Lite article bundle offers a condensed version of the same content covered in Onlea’s more in-depth Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on graphic design fundamentals. This series of course notes contains all the key information from the course in PDF form designed to put all the concepts you need at your fingertips, no matter what design software you may be using. Includes a series of five lessons on gestalt, colour, typography, layout, and creating a theme, as well as some additional external resources to support your learning.

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