Instructional Principles of Online Learning - Webinar Bundle

Instructional Principles of Online Learning - Webinar Bundle

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In the current, rapidly changing educational landscape, it’s important to be prepared for any eventuality. But it can be difficult to adapt your in-person teaching and learning to meet the differing needs and requirements of digital and asynchronous modes of course delivery. If you’ve struggled to find a simple, easy-to-follow breakdown of the process for designing digital educational materials according to best practices for maximizing learner retention, the Instructional Principles of Online Learning webinar materials bundle is for you.

You will receive access to a 23-minute on-demand video webinar with an accompanying slide deck that provides you with some best-practice guidance on how to design user-centred online learning journeys. You’ll also get a slide deck guide breaking down all the educational elements of the video for easy recall, packed with extra tips on how to make your content more engaging without hurting your learning objectives.

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