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Do Your Own Learner Research Kit

Do Your Own Learner Research Kit

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Are you considering or building a learning product and want to make sure you reach your audience? Not sure why your existing learning experience is underperforming?

These questions and more can be answered through learner research, which will allow you to:

  • Get insights directly from your audience.
  • Focus your efforts on the things that are truly engaging and valuable to learners.
  • Make decisions driven by evidence, not assumptions.
  • Ensure you get a return on investment post-launch.

You will get access to an editable, reusable template developed by research professionals and learning designers, taking you through the core components of planning and conducting learner research. Each page is packed with helpful tips for creating an actionable research plan. Get started today!

Licence Details

Purchasing this product lets you:

  • Download and work with the template on your personal device.
  • Share the template within your team or with colleagues.
  • Adapt the template to suit your specific needs.

Licence does not grant copyright ownership of the template design or graphics therein. Please do not monetize or share the template publicly.

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