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COMING SOON - Create Your Own Learner Workbook Kit

COMING SOON - Create Your Own Learner Workbook Kit

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Thinking about making a workbook for your class, course or program? Our Create Your Own Learner Workbook Kit equips you with tools and practical tips to design a workbook your learners will enjoy and benefit from.

Learner workbooks can be helpful resources. They can improve learning outcomes by making learning more active, and they can serve as a useful reference or even planning document after the initial course content is completed. With this toolkit, we provide some useful tips and templates for creating your learner workbook and making sure it meets best practice for learning design.

Licence Details

Purchasing this product lets you:

  • Download and work with the template on your personal device.
  • Share the template within your team or with colleagues.
  • Adapt the template to suit your specific needs.
  • Teach or present your own content with the template.

Licence does not grant copyright ownership of the template design or graphics therein. Please do not monetize or share the template publicly.

For full legal breakdown, see the Terms of Service

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