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Making Better Videos - Tutorial Bundle

Making Better Videos - Tutorial Bundle

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Asynchronous course delivery requires a different type of preparation than for meeting with students in person. You may have a lot to offer as a teacher and subject matter expert, but learners won’t get the full benefit of your skills and experience if the production values of your digital content are subpar. In fact, the quality of your delivery is just as important as your content—it establishes your attention to detail, your professionalism, and even your trustworthiness as a source of information. 

This product bundle—on how to film yourself to connect most effectively with your audiences—includes a series of PDF guides which will teach you everything from how to best set up your phone or computer to film yourself, to how to use simple editing tools and the most effective ways to engage your audience via visual storytelling. 

PDFs include

  • The Beginners Guide to Filming Yourself
  • Essential Tools for Self Video Production
  • Video Engagement Best Practices
  • Be Prepared! How to Nail pre-production When You're Making Videos
  • Telling Stories
  • Visual Shorthand and how it helps us tell stories
  • 4 Ways to Establish your Expertise using Online Learning Videos

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