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Online Teaching 101 - Webinar Bundle

Online Teaching 101 - Webinar Bundle

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Get the inside scoop on Onlea's award-winning course design!

This 30-minute on-demand webinar will give you the foundational tools you need to build your own engaging & impactful online courses. 

We'll share lessons we’ve learned not just from our experience designing and building award-winning courses, but also from work we’ve done in mediums like film, television, and video games. Narrative tools, gamification, and pedagogy: when deployed together, these can help you create transformative learning.

Features: Onlea’s CEO & LX Expert, Adriana Lopez Forero

PDFs include:

  • Online Teaching 101 Webinar Slides 
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Filming Yourself With No Budget
  • Video Engagement Best Practices
  • Course Content Planning Template
  • Video Script Template

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